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Custom Solutions

Naftosense is one of the only manufacturers of leak detection in North America willing to customize and configure the ultimate solution for every customer. Our innovative, flexible core technology allows us to do, what is considered, impossible while maintaining critical agency approvals. No application is too small or large for Naftosense.

Leak Detection
The science behind Naftosense products is Polymer Absorption Sensor (PAS) technology (specifically in Naftosense products, Elastomer Absorption Sensors). Developed in the 1950s, PAS technology has a proven track record of detecting hydrocarbons in extreme conditions and enables real-time, cost-effective critical infrastructure integrity monitoring. We take this core technology to the next level by integrating smart acquisition modules to allow endless options for progressive leak alarms.

Naftosense Engineering and Manufacturing teams have the equipment and materials to create the ultimate solution for your specific requirements. Our goal is to manufacture the most effective system in terms of functionality, rapid response, and communication / integration.

Naftosense has the real-world expertise to make sense of challenging applications by providing an industry approved, fully functioning, long-term leak detection system with common communications and location-based alarms, all backed by a 10-year warranty.

Design Process for Your Leak Detection Application

Engineered solutions with Naftosense can create a solution from project inception to finishing refinement. You have found the best-in-class critical environment, leak detection manufacturer. We can help you through the entire process our services include:

Our Engineered Solutions Specialists can assist with:

  • Leak Detection Scope Definition
  • Conducting laboratory testing
  • Specification of Requirements
  • Providing the Best Solution
  • Testing and qualification
  • Project Management
  • Startup and Commissioning

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